Several people have asked for tomato photos so here are a few to kick things into gear. The photo above is of 3 Little Lucky fruits (largest is about 2.75 inches diameter). They were the best tasting bi-color fruit I've grown. I saved several hundred seed of these plants and will have some for sale this year. Here is a photo of Ildi blossom truss showing the multiflora trait. This trait is also present in Riesentraube but not quite as many flowers as Ildi has. I have seed of a pink cherry that also carries this trait.

When it comes to good looking fruit, Brandywine is hard to beat. Here is a Brandywine plant with the first fruit of the season about to ripen. I gathered about 40 tomatoes off of this single plant in 2003. This high res photo of Brandywine and Marianna's Peace fruits (567 kb) was taken in 2003. The 6 larger fruit are all Brandywine, the smaller are Marianna's Peace. Both are very good tasting tomatoes! Its difficult to get a size comparison from the photo but the largest tomato is about 7 inches across. If you want to know one of the best ways to put a Brandywine to good use, take a look at these sandwiches (569 kb) made with white bread, sliced turkey, and big slices of ripe Brandywine.

I had a variant plant in my garden for 2002 that was supposed to be Large Pink Bulgarian. This particular plant produced nice tasting heart shaped tomatoes so I saved a few seed. When I grew them out for 2003, 4 plants out of 20 had potato leaf form. There are no known varieties that combine potato leaf with heart shape so these plants are unique. Here is a photo of a ripe fruit and here is a photo of an unripe fruit. The first fruit showed signs of the beefsteak gene when sliced having seed locules scattered through the flesh. Its the photo on top of my home page with a bite taken out of each slice!

This photo is of the first row of tomatoes with 2 rows of pole beans behind them. At the right edge is part of my house. Its a 60 year old brick house with antique doors and locks. Even the closet doors can be locked with a skeleton key. Here is a 2004 seatomphoto of my tomato plants looking across toward the house.