Here is a listing of many diverse seed and plant suppliers from around the world


2BSeeds - Vegetable, flower, Garden, and Herb seeds.
E5Ranch - Beans and only beans with a southwest twist.
Adaptive Seeds - Northwest adapted garden seed for the resilient gardener.
AmericanBamboo - Promoting the Beauty and Utility of Bamboo. - Leading wildflower seed site, mixtures and indiv species.
Angelgrove Tree Seed Company - tree seeds for Japanese, flowering, shade and bonsai trees.
Annie's Heirloom Seeds - Heirloom vegetable seed, flowers, and supplies.
Appalachian Seeds - open-pollinated, annual and perennial flowers, herbs, and gourmet vegetables
Artistic Gardens / Le Jardin du Gourmet - Herbs, Plants & Seed, Shallots, Garlic and more
Backyard Wildflowers - 14 varieties of wildflower mixes and 60 single seed types
Baker creek - a wealth of seed varieties specializing in open pollinated non-gmo seed.
Blue Ribbon Tomatoes - Specializing in Kentucky heirloom tomato seed.
Boondockers seeds - heirloom varieties of tomatoes in unusual colors and flavors. - online seed catalog of rare and unusual flowers, herbs, trees, plants, more.
Botanical Interests - Vegetable, flower, and herb seed for the gardener in you..
Bountiful Gardens - biointensive, organic, naturally-grown seeds
Burpee - flowers, vegetables, berries, gardening supplies
Burrell Seeds - Vegetables, flowers, herbs, gardening supplies, a long term established company
The Calypso Orchid Company - Source verified Calypso bulbosa var:occidentalis seed for research and landscape.
Casey's heirloom tomatoes - Jeff aka dokutaaguriin's heirloom tomato seed page.
Cherry Gal - A variety of OP garden seed.
Chile Woman - Hot Pepper, Sweet Pepper, tomatoe, and tomatillo plants
Chuck Wyatt’s Heirloom Tomatoes - large selection of heirloom & open-pollinated tomato seed
Companion Plants - herbs of all kinds, seeds and plants, mushrooms
The Cook's Garden - seeds and supplies for kitchen gardeners
Cross Country Nursery - Pepper, Tomato, & Eggplant plants galore, huge selection.
Cultivariable - Ulluco, Mashua, Oca, Maca, Potato, and other eclectic plants
Diane Seeds - open-pollinated and heirloom flower and vegetable seeds
Diggers Australia - seeds and supplies for down under gardeners
Dixondale farms - Onion plants and more onions.
Double Helix Farms - Tomatoes and more tomatoes with a few other veggies and herbs tossed in.
Ecogenesis - Canadian source for certified organic vegetable, flower, and herb seed.
Eden Organic Nursery Services - peppers, healing plants, natural insect repellents, unusual vegetables, vines
Ed Hume Seeds - specializing in the best seeds for short seasons and cool climates
ECHO: online seed store - books and seeds from a non-profit organization.
EGardenSeed - Online source for garden seed, vegetables, flowers, etc.
Exotic Plants - Online source for exotic houseplants and tropicals.
Filaree Farm - over 100 unique strains of seed garlic collected from sources all over the world.
Fedco Seeds - untreated heirloom vegetable, tree, and flower seed
Fruition Seeds - Organic Vegetable, Flower, and Herb seed
Fungi Perfecti - gourmet and medicinal mushrooms; growing supplies
Garden Medicinals and Culinaries - seeds and plants of medicinal and culinary herbs, books, supplies.
Gleckler - homegrown seed from an old favorite heirloom seed supplier.
Golden Harvest Organics - Companion plants, IPM, pest management, weed control
The Gourmet Gardener - a premier collection of herb, vegetable and edible flower seeds from around the world
Gourmet Mushrooms - organic mushroom growing kits for home and garden
Gourmet Seeds - Quality Veggie, flower, and herb seed from around the world
Grand Teton Potatoes - Outstanding selection of potatoes for any occasion!
GreenDealer Exotic Seeds - seeds of exotic and tropical plants with photos and information
Grey Duck Garlic - Quacking full of garlic!
Growin Crazy Acres - Florida backyard heirloom Veggies
Grow Italian - Seeds of Italy supplier in the U.S.  Wide selection of hybrid and heirloom Italian vegetable seed.
The Guru - Exceptional plants and flower seeds for every climate.
Harris Seeds - vegetable and flower seeds, transplants, bulbs, ornamentals, supplies
Hazzards Greenhouse - vegetable and flower seeds and plants at very reasonable prices.
Heritage Harvest Seeds - Specializing in rare vegetables, flowers, and herbs.
Heritage Tomato Seed - Smaller quantities of outstanding tomatoes.
Heirloom Acre Seeds - over 1100 varieties of  heirloom vegetable, flower seeds, and herb seed.
      Heirloom Seeds - over 300 varieties of open-pollinated, heirloom vegetable and flower seeds.
Heirloom Tomato Plants - Laurel's heirloom tomato plant website.
High Altitude Gardens - Best varieties adapted to cold short seasons; tested at 6,000 ft.
High Mowing Seeds - Sustainable agriculture, organic veggie seeds.
Hippy Seed Company - Australia Ring of Fire peppers and more.
Home Harvest - Online supplier of Ferry Morse vegetable and flower seed and garden supplies.
HomeTown Seeds - More garden for your dollar, see the Hometown seed Seed & fine herb seed!
Horizon Herbs - herb and vegetable seed supplier, medicinals, and potted plants.
Hoss Tools - Professional gardening tools, cultivators, handles, etc.
Hudson Valley - Seed of Vegetables, Flowers, and Herbs, plus Fruit Trees & Art Supplies
Irish Eyes with a Hint of Garlic - sets/seeds for: potatoes, sweet potatoes, garlic, onion, shallots, scallions, leeks
Italian Seed and Tool Co. - Italian Vegetables, herbs, flowers, and tools in New Mexico
J&L Gardens - Tomato and rare open pollinated vegetable seed.
J.L. Hudson, Seedsman - A public seed bank, vegetable seed and such.
Johnny's Selected Seeds - vegetable, medicinal and culinary herb, and flower seeds.
Jung Quality Seeds - seeds, plants, flowers, bulbs, berries and garden aids.
Kitazawa Seeds - Specializes in Asian and Oriental vegetable seed for home and commercial growers.
Kitchen Garden Seeds - Offering gourmet vegetables, aromatic herbs and flowers seed
Knapps vegetable seed - Vegetable seed galore from people who care!)
Kokopelli Seeds - For the liberation of seed and soil, Association Kokopelli (was Terre de Semences)
Kurupas Enterprises - bred and patented thornless artichoke.
Landreth Seeds - Heirloom seeds and classics for the garden.
Living Seed Company - Heirloom and open pollinated seed collections.
Maine Potato Lady - A wide selection of potatoes for discriminating tastes
Marianna's Heirloom Seeds - Heirloom tomato, pepper and eggplant seeds
Mary's Heirloom Seeds - Heirloom tomato, vegetable, and herb seed.
Michigan Heirloom plants - Tomato, Pepper, and Lettuce plants.
Morgan County Seeds - seed and supplies at discount prices.
Mumms Sprouting Seed - Certified organic sprouting seed and supplies
Native Seeds/Search - a nonprofit organization preserving Native American crop seeds.
Natural Gardening Co - Vegetable, Herb, and Flower seed and plants.
The Nature Store - Seeds and more at the Nature Store for you to enjoy.
New Hope Seed - Bringing New Hope For The Preservation Of Heirloom & Open-Pollinated Varieties
New World Crops - Tom Wagners TPS potato seed and unusual tomatoes too.
NeSeed - Vegetable and flower seed for commercial and home gardeners
Nichols Garden Nursery - garden seeds catalog emphasizing new and unusual varieties
Northern Tropics - veggies, ornamentals, and supplies to make your corner of paradise more beautiful
North Fork Seeds - Salt of the Earth Seed Co. open pollinated vegetable seed from New York
Ohio Heirloom Seeds - Heirloom veggies, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, etc.
Old Barn Nursery - Specializing in Peppers, superhot!
Old Pueblo - Seed and plants from Southern Arizona
Orchard House Heirlooms - Vegetable and Herb seed
Ornamental Edibles - mesclun, herbs, greens, gourmet baby vegetables, hydroponics/greenhouse varieties
Osborne seed - Organic veggie seed, specializing in cool weather adapted crops
PandP Seeds - Giant Pumpkin seed and a few more veggies including some giants.
Park Seed - flower and vegetable seeds, bulbs, plants; over 2500 items
Peace Seed - Alan Kapular's somewhat quirky planetary genome and plant beeding site
Peaceful Valley Farm Supply - flower, vegetable, cover crop, grasses, trees, potatoes, berries, supplies, more
Penny's Tomatoes - Free Tomato Seed Catalog featuring the Best Tasting Tomatoes on Planet Earth.
Penya seeds - Plants, flowers, herbs, trees, vegetable seed for a diversity of growing conditions.
Pepper Hot - Put some pepper fire in your garden.
Pepper Gal - Over 300 varieties of peppers plus gourds, herbs & tomatoes
Pepper Joe's - specializing in Chile, Tomato, Veggie and Herb Seeds
Peppermania - The heat is on and chilies are cool!
Peters Seed and Research - Specializes in open-pollinated garden seeds for vegetables, flowers and herbs.
Pierce farm - Organic veggies, exceptional seed, tomatoes, peppers, etc.
Pinetree Garden Seeds - bulbs, plants, tools, books, and over 800 varieties of vegetable, flower, and herb seeds
Pine Ridge Orchids - bulbs, plants, tools, books, and over 800 varieties of vegetable, flower, and herb seeds
Plantworld Seeds - choice, rare and unusual hardy perennial seeds. RHS medalist. - peppers and more peppers from sweet to hot to super hot. - Flower seed shop for the home gardeners and resellers. More than 500 species, and some quite rare.
R.H. Shumway's - online ordering and catalog request
Redwood Seeds - Organic Open Pollinated veggie seeds for home gardeners.
Redwood City Seed Co. - rare and unusual varieties from around the world
Refining Fire Chiles - HOTTER than hot, superhot chili peppers.
Renee's Garden - unusual veggie, herb, and flower seed for the cottage garden.
Resilient Seed- Dry legumes, Vegetables, Flowers, and herbs organically grown
Revolution seeds - A wide range of squash and pumpkins for your perusal.
Restoration seeds - Lots of open pollinated vegetable seed.
RichFarmGarden - heirloom vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers, trees, seeds and plants.
Richters herb - heirloom vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers, seed preservation, seed zoo.
Riversource Botanicals - a trusted supplier of rare seeds, sacred plants, and medical herbs since 1993.
Rohrers - Garden, Farm, and Turf seed - veggies, alfalfa, wildlife feed.
Ronnigers Potato Farm - certified organic seed potatoes, onions, garlic, Jerusalem artichokes
Salt Spring Seeds - grains, vegetables, herbs, flowers; organic seeds from British Columbia, Canada
SampleSeeds - Great Seeds in Inexpensive Sample Size Packets
Sandhill Preservation - genetic preservationists in this for the genetic diversity of this planet
SeedCo - Vegetable, tomato, pepper, wildflower, and herb seed, superHOT peppers.
Seed Savers - Dedicated to saving and sharing heirloom seeds from around the world
Seedman - Featuring seeds from around the World
Seeds Kits - Cans and Bags of seed for survival gardening
Seeds-n-such - heirloom vegetable seed and supplies for the discriminating grower
Seedstrust - heirloom vegetable, wildflower, grass, and herb seed
Seeds of Change - 100% certified organic seeds; heirloom and unique varieties; Chinese medicinal herbs
Seeds of Diversity Canada - conserves the biodiversity and traditional knowledge of food crops and gardening
Seeds West Garden Seeds - heirloom, open-pollinated vegetable, chile pepper, herbs, western wildflower seeds
Seedway- Commercial seed supplier of hybrid and heirloom seed
Selected Seeds- Flowers, Perennials, Herbs, and vegetable seeds and plants.
Selectedplants- A huge selection of heirloom tomato, pepper, Eggplant, and Tomatillo plants plus a few select hybrids.
Shepherd's Garden Seeds - vegetables, flowers, herbs, spices, fruits, tools and supplies
Siegers - Commercial vegetable seed supplier, bulk supplier for large growers.
Soggy Creek - Vegetables seed, you have to see it to believe it, in Canada even.
Solana - offering a variety of vegetable, flower and exotic plant seeds from Quebec Canada
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange - open-pollinated and heirloom vegetables, flowers, herbs; books
Sow Organic Seeds - organic vegetables, herbs, and flower seeds
Sow True Seed - Open pollinated, vegetable, herb, flower, bulb, tuber, and root source
St. Clare Seeds - Open pollinated flower, vegetable, herb, and perennial seeds & supplies
Stokes Seeds - flower, vegetable, herb, and perennial seeds
Sustainable Mountain Agriculture - Appalachian heirloom beans and some tomatoes.
Sustainable Seed Co. - Open pollinated Vegetable, Flower, and Herb seed and gardening supplies.
Swallowtail Gardens - flower, vegetable, herb, and perennial seeds from California Wine Country
Synergy Seeds - The rare and the unusual beans, herbs,and flowers
Tasteful Gardens - grow your own and have the most flavorful Tomatoes
Tatiana's Tomatobase - Seed of many heirlooms plus a huge wiki-like database of information about various tomato varieties.
Territorial Seed Company - herbs, vegetable, flower, perennial, ornamental grasses, transplants
Thompson & Morgan - thousands of varieties of flowers and vegetables; worldwide delivery
Thyme Garden - Organically grown herb seed, plants, bulk herbs, and teas
Tomatofest. - Gary Ibsen's tomato seed
Tomato Growers Supply Co. - huge selection of tomato and pepper seeds
Totally Tomatoes - tomato and pepper seeds and supplies.
Tradewinds Fruit Store - tremendous selection of tropical fruits, ornamentals and temperate plant seeds
Tree Seeds by MishoBonsai - Tree seeds supplier of species suitable for bonsai culture.
Twilley seed - Farm, Fresh Market, U-Pick seed supplier.
Two Wings Farm - Organic vegetable seed.
Underwood Gardens - rare, heirloom seeds for unusual vegetables, herbs and flowers
Urban Farmer - Tomatoes, peppers, and a range of gardening info.
Vegetable seed warehouse - A huge selection of untreated vegetable seeds
Vermont Bean Seed - hundreds of varieties of beans
Vesey's Seeds - hundreds of varieties of vegetables, herbs, flowers; many hard to find elsewhere
Victory Seeds - heirloom seeds, open-pollinated, non-hybrid seeds.
Vogler Seed - we offer hundreds of varieties of organic vegetables and herbs seeds.
Westcoast Seeds - Vegetables, Flowers, and Herbs especially for cool climates and short seasons.
Westwind Gardens - Vegetables, Flowers, and Herbs especially for desert climates.
Walker Plants - Asparagus in all its guises, Strawberries, and Rhubarb.
White Flower Farm - Edible and landscaping plants, vines, and flowers.
WildGardenSeed - Herbs, Flowers, and vegetables for marginal maritime cool climates.
Wildseed Farms - Flowers, Herbs, and Native Grasses.
Willhite Seeds - specializing in watermelon, cantaloupe, muskmelon; other vegetable seeds
William Dam Seeds - over 800 varieties of seed from around the world
Wood Prairie Farm - the Maine Potato Catalog; Everything 100% certified organic
The World Wide Seed Co. - our seeds are carefully selected using quality control and germination trials.